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The World of Industrial Equipment

About HemShiv

What do we do?

We specialize in offering a comprehensive array of industrial hardware, serving as a convenient hub where customers can access a wide variety of tools, equipment, and materials. Catering to diverse industries such as manufacturing, construction, and maintenance, our platform streamlines procurement processes.

Clients benefit from the ease of online shopping coupled with a vast product selection, meeting their industrial needs effectively. Whether it’s machinery components, safety gear, or specialized tools, our store simplifies access to essential items, contributing to smoother operations and project success for businesses across sectors.

What We Offer

At HemShiv, we take pride in our comprehensive range of offerings, which includes:

Bearings & Oil Seals:

Ensuring smooth machinery operations.

Belts & Pulleys:

Reliable power transmission solutions.

Chain & Sprocket:

Crucial components for various industries.

Oil-Mill & Ginning:

Equipment for agricultural and food processing.

Tools & Hardware:

Your go-to source for maintenance and construction needs.

Valves & Pipe Fittings:

Key components for fluid control systems.

What We Offer

At HemShiv, we take pride in our comprehensive range of offerings, which includes:

Quality Assurance:

We source products from trusted suppliers to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Diverse Product Range:

HemShiv is your one-stop destination for a wide variety of industrial needs.


We prioritize a seamless purchasing process, from order to delivery.

25+ Years of Experience:

Our extensive industry knowledge and network benefit you.

History of Beginning

The journey of HemShiv is a testament to the evolution of a traditional retail industrial hardware store into a modern e-commerce venture. For years, HemShiv has been a trusted name in the local community, offering a wide range of industrial hardware products to customers.

The name itself, “HemShiv,” is derived from the amalgamation of two significant figures my parents, ‘Hemi ben’ and ‘Shiva bhai,’ paying homage to the founders and their dedication.

Our Vision

Our vision is centered around transforming the landscape of industrial hardware procurement. Our vision is to eliminate the challenges of sourcing the right equipment by offering a comprehensive range of products that cater to diverse industrial needs. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and a robust supply network.

We are committed to providing a seamless experience where all essential industrial hardware is not only readily accessible but also affordable at any given moment.