NJ 226 E-M1-C3 Cylindrical Bearing FAG


The dimensions of a NJ 226 bearing are typically as follows:

  • Inner Diameter (ID): 130 mm
  • Outer Diameter (OD): 230 mm
  • Width (W): 40 mm

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NJ cylindrical roller bearings are a specific type of roller bearings used in various industrial applications. These bearings belong to the family of cylindrical roller bearings and have the prefix “NJ” in their designation to signify their specific design features.

Here’s a description of NJ cylindrical roller bearings:

  • Design:  NJ cylindrical roller bearings are single-row bearings with cylindrical rollers held in place by inner and outer rings. They are designed to support high radial loads and moderate axial loads in one direction. The outer ring of NJ bearings has two integral flanges, while the inner ring has one integral flange and one non-integral flange, which allows the axial displacement of the bearing relative to the housing in one direction.
  • Load Capacity: NJ cylindrical roller bearings have a higher radial load capacity compared to other types of roller bearings due to their cylindrical roller design. The cylindrical shape of the rollers distributes the load evenly over a larger surface area.
  • Axial Displacement: The one-sided flange on the inner ring allows the axial displacement of the bearing in one direction. This feature is beneficial in cases where thermal expansion of the shaft or housing occurs, or when the bearing needs to accommodate slight misalignments.
  • Applications: NJ cylindrical roller bearings are commonly used in heavy-duty applications where high radial loads and moderate axial loads are expected. Typical applications include industrial gearboxes, machine tool spindles, electric motors, and automotive wheel hubs.
  • Variations: NJ cylindrical roller bearings are available in various configurations and sizes to suit different application requirements. They may have different cage designs, such as steel cages or brass cages, depending on the specific operating conditions.
  • Lubrication: Like other roller bearings, NJ cylindrical roller bearings require proper lubrication to reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation and extended bearing life.

It’s essential to consult with bearing manufacturers or experts to select the right NJ cylindrical roller bearing for a particular application, as the load and speed conditions, as well as other environmental factors, need to be considered for optimal performance and longevity.

HSN Code: 84825012 Category:

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