UCT 209 Take-Up Bearing TR


The dimensions of a UCT 209 bearing are typically as follows:

Overall height: 144 mm

Housing overall width: 117 mm

Bearing width, total: 49.2 mm

1,344.00 1,680.00

GST @18% Inclusive Price: 1,585.92

GST @18% Inclusive Price: 1,585.92

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UCT Take-Up Bearing TR

A UCT (Take-Up) bearing is a type of mounted bearing unit commonly used in industrial applications to provide support for rotating shafts. It is designed to accommodate the movement and tensioning of belts or chains used for power transmission, such as in conveyor systems.

Here’s a description of the main components and features of a UCT take-up bearing:

  • Housing: The housing is the outer casing of the bearing unit, usually made of cast iron or steel, providing structural support and protection to the internal components.
  • Bearing Insert: Inside the housing, there is a bearing insert, which is the actual rolling bearing element. It could be a ball bearing or a roller bearing, depending on the specific application and load requirements.
  • Take-Up Mechanism: The distinguishing feature of a UCT bearing is the take-up mechanism. This mechanism allows the bearing insert to be adjusted vertically within the housing, enabling the user to take up any slack in the system caused by belt or chain elongation. It is often achieved through an eccentric locking collar, set screw, or other adjustable means.
  • Grease Fitting or Lubrication Provision: Bearings need to be properly lubricated to ensure smooth operation and extend their service life. UCT take-up bearings typically include a grease fitting or a provision for relubrication to allow easy maintenance.
  • Seals and Shields: UCT bearings usually come with seals or shields to protect the bearing from contaminants like dust and water, thereby enhancing the bearing’s reliability and durability.
  • Mounting Options: UCT take-up bearings can be mounted on a variety of surfaces, such as flat surfaces, channel frames, or angle iron brackets, depending on the application requirements.

UCT take-up bearings are commonly used in industries like mining, agriculture, material handling, and more, where they play a crucial role in maintaining proper tension and alignment in conveyor systems and other power transmission setups. The adjustability of the take-up mechanism allows for easy maintenance and ensures optimal performance even as belts or chains wear over time.

HSN Code: 84832091 Category:

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