SPZ 1110 Wedge Belt Mitsuboshi


Cross Section Dimension for ‘SPZ’ section

Width: 9.7 mm

Height: 8 mm

Angle: 38?

Length: 1110 mm

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Wedge belts, also known as V-belts or V-ribbed belts, are a type of power transmission belt used in various industrial and automotive applications. They are named “wedge” belts due to their trapezoidal cross-sectional shape, which resembles a wedge. These belts are commonly made of rubber or synthetic materials reinforced with fabric cords for strength and flexibility.

Key characteristics and features of wedge belts include:

  • Cross-Sectional Shape: Wedge belts have a trapezoidal cross-section, with a wider top surface and narrower bottom surface. This design allows for a larger surface area to contact the pulleys, enhancing power transmission efficiency.
  • Power Transmission: Wedge belts are primarily used to transmit power between two shafts or pulleys. They are commonly employed in engines, automotive systems, industrial machinery, and various mechanical equipment.
  • Pulley System: Wedge belts operate in conjunction with V-shaped pulleys. The belt fits into the groove of the pulley, creating a wedging action that provides better grip and prevents slippage during power transmission.
  • Flexibility: The rubber construction of wedge belts gives them flexibility, enabling them to adapt to the shape of pulleys and operate smoothly even when misaligned.
  • High Torque Capability: Wedge belts are capable of handling high torque loads, making them suitable for applications that require significant power transmission.
  • Reduced Slip: The wedging action between the belt and the pulley helps to reduce slippage, which is beneficial for maintaining efficiency and preventing excessive wear.
  • Quieter Operation: Compared to some other types of belts, wedge belts generally produce less noise during operation, contributing to a quieter working environment.
  • Maintenance: Wedge belts are relatively low-maintenance. However, periodic inspections are recommended to check for signs of wear, proper tension, and alignment.
  • Availability: Wedge belts are available in various sizes, lengths, and configurations to suit different applications and requirements.
  • Advantages over Flat Belts: Wedge belts offer several advantages over flat belts, including higher power transmission capability, reduced slip, improved efficiency, and the ability to operate with smaller pulley diameters.

Overall, wedge belts are a popular choice for power transmission applications due to their efficiency, durability, and versatility. They play a crucial role in powering many machines and systems, ensuring smooth and reliable operation across various industries.

HSN Code: 40103999 Category:


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